Saint Agnes is a Compassionate Community

There is great emphasis on the formation of a faith community that embraces faculty, students, parents, and parishioners. Teachers and students seriously consider themselves to be partners in the educational process. Older parishioners regularly volunteer in the school. Seventh and eighth graders have Little Buddies in Kindergarten and First Grade; they meet regularly for different activities and go to Mass together when there is an all-school Mass. Saint Agnes maintains multi-aged student family groups where older students can mentor to younger students a special Saint Agnes events.  On a daily basis, each school day begins with a closed-circuit news broadcast. Seventh and eighth graders serve as the news anchors and the technical production team; special accomplishments, celebrations, birthdays, important events, new births, are  communicated as well as the opportunity for community prayer and special intentions to support students' and faculty. 

In addition to this, on August 13, 2013, Mayor Greg Fischer declared our Louisville Catholic School, Saint Agnes School, a COMPASSIONATE COMMUNITY through a resolution passed by the Saint Agnes School Board.  We continue to embrace this designation today. This resolution was based upon the engagement of "Saint Agnes School offering the wider Louisville community an educational opportunity for faith-based learning with an environment designed to foster the growth of each child spiritually, academically, emotionally, and physically."  This is done through compassionate action, stewardship, service, and inclusion.  What a great acknowledgement for this fine, Highlands' area school.  

Today, we continue to learn about compassion and have selected it as our school theme for the year 2017-2018 Choose Compassion.