School Board

The Board’s purpose and function is to assist the pastor and principal in the governance of the parish school and the development of parish school policy. Board members serve a consultative role in the following areas: planning, policy development and formation, financing, public relations and marketing, major curriculum changes, operating and maintaining facilities and the physical environment and planning and building new educational facilities. The Board meets the second Tuesday of every month (excluding the month of July) at 6:30 PM. The Board is comprised of nine parishioners elected from the parish at large (three per year), one to three parishioners appointed by the Board who do not have children in school, the Pastor, the school Principal, the PTO Chairperson, a faculty representative, and Parish Business Manager.

Standing Committees:

  • Executive
  • Finance and Budget
  • Enrollment/Nominations
  • Advancement
  • Technology
  • Physical Facilities
  • Catholic Identity
  • Student Life  
2016-2017 MEMBERS:


Name Role
Ben Fultz Chairperson
Mandy Decker Chair Elect
Elizabeth Jones Brown Past Chair
Dallas Ashbacher Secretary
Scott Boyer  
Mary Jo Gleason  
Tamra Koshewa  
David Overley  
Lee Pfeiffer  
Cat Timmerman  
Chris Walker  
Doug Young