Faculty and Staff

Saint Agnes School's principal and  assistant principal work with 18 classroom teachers, our counselor, resource coordinators, librarian, specialized teachers in the areas of Spanish, computer education, art, music, and physical education. Over ninety percent of our faculty have master's degrees or higher. Eight primary level teaching assistants, two administrative secretaries, a full cafeteria staff, and maintenance and janitorial personnel complete our support staff at Saint Agnes School.
Name Role Email
Julianna Daly Principal

Daniel Verdon Assistant Principal

Connie Brumleve Secretary c...@stagneslouisville.org
Beth Ford Bookkeeper/Health Room bfo...@stagneslouisville.org
Cheryl House Kindergarten, KH
Peggy Gaba KH Asst.
Courtney Veit Kindergarten, KV
Sherri Thomas KH Asst.
Debby Klein 1K
Katy O'Brien 1K Asst.
Martha Lies 1L
Terri Mahoney 1L Asst.
Jessica Young 2Y
Ashley Cronen 2Y Asst.
Carol Webster 2W
Gail Evans 2W Asst.
Caroline Donnelly 3D
Alexandria Iceman 3i
Suzanne Feller Gr. 3 Asst.
Katie Doyle 4D
Samantha Wingfeld 4W
Suzanne Bischoff Gr. 4 Asst.
Jessica Miller 5M
Laura Wicke 5W
Jeremy Grimes 6G
Alison Milby 6M
Courtney Kik 7K
Lisa Radcliff 7R
Emily Slater 8S
Emily Cartwright 8C
Sarah Hellman 8th Grade Algebra
Julia Barker Learning Coordinator 6-8 jbar...@stagneslouisville.org
Laura Dant Art
Pamela Raidt Technology Coordinator pra...@stagneslouisville.org
Chrissy Rist Counselor cri...@stagneslouisville.org
Elizabeth Hinkebein Librarian e...@stagneslouisville.org
Manuel Nieto Spanish
Lindsey Duncan Music
Betsy Dragoo PE & Recess
Aundrea George Learning Coordinator K-5 ageo...@stagneslouisville.org
Karen Kaseta Director of Pre-K, ASC, Summer Care Programs    
Lydia Lee Asst. Director & Spanish    
Will Ousley  Director of Youth Ministry    
Pam Amon Cafeteria Manager pam...@stagneslouisville.org
Ellen Guilford Asst. Manager/Cook  
Laura Johnson Prep/Cashier  
Vi Brouillard Prep/Server  
Stephanie Hubbs Prep/Dishwasher  
Tom DeSpain Maintenance Supervisor/ElectiveTeacher  
Puspa G. Asst. Maintenance Supervisor  
Vital N. Janitorial  
Bhola  Maintenance/Janitorial  
Monica Barnett Janitorial/Elective Teacher